- Porsche 911 Turbo in Bad Boys 1995

Porsche on Film: The Top 5

40w ago


Some say Porsche is everywhere these days. Well, in the not so distant past Porsche cars were a part of some iconic (not always great) movies.

From Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Robert Redford, they all have driven Porsches in their movies. Of course, let's not forget the iconic Steve McQueen who was a real life Porsche fan.

I have picked out the Top five Porsches on film. Not in any particular order and there are many more. What is your Favourite Porsche on Film? Let me know your number one in the comments below. Now, time to drive.

1. Le Mans (1971)

Filmed at and around the 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours McQueen drives his own black 911S through French countryside to the racetrack, where he then drives the Gulf Team Porsche 917K .

McQueen drives his own black 911S on set

2. Risky Business (1983)

Tom Cruise in his first starring role also starred the Porsche 928. One of Porsche’s taglines pops up, when Cruise’s character, says: “Porsche. There is no substitute.”

3. Bad Boys (1995)

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence and a 911 Turbo. The 911 sees plenty of action in this film, especially in the climactic chase scene with a AC Cobra on the airport runway.

Porsche 911 Turbo in Bad Boys

4. Top Gun (1986)

Tom Cruise on his Kawasaki Ninja is chased around San Diego by Kelly McGillis in her black 356 Speedster. Oh, and apparently the car is a replica rather than a real Porsche 356. Interesting.

A replica Porsche 356 Speedster in Top Gun

5. Spy Game (2001)

Spy Game starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Redford’s character – Nathan D. Muir – drives a very nice green Porsche 912, my favourite .

Porshe 912 in Spy Game

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