Porsche once designed a minivan that looks like an angry Renault Twingo

26w ago
- Grrrrrr!!! Twingo angry!!!!!!!

It was called the "Varrera." Very little is known about this concept van. We don't even know if it actually ran or if it was just a design study. What we do know is that Porsche planned on putting flat sixes in them. But alas, the project was cancelled for some reason, and all the prototypes were crushed. Too bad. I'd love an angry Porsche Twingo.

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Comments (10)

  • ...the project was cancelled for some reason... 😄😄 I wonder what could that be?

      6 months ago
  • I forgot about that one but I think it pre-dates the twingo so it was Renault that copied Porsche.

    One thing Porsche needs to do a bit more is differentiate vehicles. Putting 911 ‘runny egg’ headlights on everything isn’t the answer.

      6 months ago
  • It‘s just a VW Sharan with a new Frontend and Frontlights of 911 996.1

      6 months ago
  • This is so wrong, it could've been a Photoshop 😜

      6 months ago
    • I thought it was a photoshop at first! But nope, it was real.

        6 months ago
    • 6 months ago