Porsche Panamera Executive

2y ago


If you like Stretched things and you like Porsche, then you'll feel like Porsche have designed this Panamera just for you. Its basically a stretched Panamera called the Executive!

Its a long wheel base and will come with exclusive 4 wheel drive and 4 different engine options. Firstly an entry level 3.0 V6 Turbo which is capable of 325bhp, then using the same engine but 433BHP is the model 4S. We then have an E-Hybrid with 456bhp and then the model you really want, The Turbo with 542bhp.

You get more leg room, a panoramic roof, adaptive air suspension and 4 zone climate control, Yours for only £122,480 for the top of the range stretched panamera.

Like Stretched Things And Like Porsche? This was made for you!


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