- Projetc Gold has sold (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche Project Gold sold for a staggering $3.415 million!

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The one-off Porsche classic Project Gold has been sold at auction for a staggering amount. The type 993 Turbo restored by specialists at the Porsche restoration workshop in Stuttgart has sold for a total price of $3.415 million at RM Sothebys auction.

The 993 Turbo dubbed “Project Gold” was Porsche Classic’s unique contribution to the “70 years of Porsche sports cars” celebrations this year. It showcased the comprehensive skill of Porsche Classic in completing a unique and one-off project.

Porsche 993 Turbo "Project Gold" (Image Porsche AG)

It has been reported by Magnus Walker that the 911 has just sold for $3.415 million at RM Sothebys auction in the U.S. This price has surprised most Porsche Enthusiasts as the last 911 993 turbo to come off the production line was 20 years ago.

The catch with the buyers new purchase? Well, as Project Gold is essentially a brand new car put together from new classic parts, it is technically a 2018 vehicle. This means the 911 has to comply with modern regulations to be road legal. The thing is it doesn't, especially for sound and emissions.

Image Porsche AG

Only time will tell if continuation projects like "Project Gold" will be a new trend for Porsche. If it is, then how do you think this will affect the value of classic 911s? Has Porsche just launched a new strategy to compete with companies like Singer? Porsche have been increasing their Classic Centres and support globally so it looks as if projects like these will continue. Lots to talk about in the comments below.

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