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Porsche Ranks No.1: Texting Leads to Higher Satisfaction

Dealers need to be know their customers to ensure their communication leads to improved satisfaction

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The latest J.D. Power study looks at customer satisfaction when purchasing a car from a dealership. Brands are ranked to determined who has the most satisfied customers. From this 2018 study Porsche Ranked the Highest among Luxury Brands; MINI Ranked the Highest among Mass Market Brands.

Image Porsche AG

Image Porsche AG

The study uncovered that most customers prefer to be contacted via digital communications such as text message. It also found that even though this communication was important, it happens much less often than desired.

4 key points from the 2018 J.D. Power study

- Increased satisfaction when dealers text

- Cross-channel communication increases satisfaction – more than face-to-f ace need

- First interactions between buyer and seller effect the experience. Need to understand how your target market communicates.

- Dealers need to be pro-active and follow up with customers after sale.

Ranked by luxury and Mainstream brands

J.D. Power works on a 1000-point scale. Porsche ranked first in the study with 828 points followed closely by Infiniti, 824, and Lexus, 823. The luxury brand average sits at 804 with Volvo, 770, Alfa Romeo, 759, and Genesis, 736 ranking last.

For the mainstream brands or mass market brands, Mini, 798, GMC, 797, and Buick, 782, were the top three. The bottom three mass market brands included Mitsubishi, 755, Jeep, 749, and Kia, 737.

Porsche ranked number 1 (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche ranked number 1 (Image Porsche AG)

It seems that the obvious is happening here, the more you spend the more money dealers have to ensure your experience matches their brand image. The dealers understanding of using varied forms of communication, and understanding how to communicate to millennials compared with generation X is something that needs to improve.

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