- The Porsche designed, Dynamiq GTT 115 - Image from Porsche

Porsche Releases £12.3 Million Super Yacht!

1y ago


Porsche have teamed up with Yacht builder Dynamiq to produce their very first Porsche branded super yacht. Costing a whopping £12.3 million, the Dynamiq GTT 115 has been unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, with just 7 units being produced for exclusive customers.

The 115ft yacht will cost a whopping £12.3 million! - Image from Porsche

The 115ft yacht's interior features fabric used in the 1970s 911 Porsche models, and 75" tv sets throughout. Owners will also benefit from a jacuzzi on the top deck.

The GTT 115 has two MAN diesel engines, that will produce a combined horsepower of 12,594, but the boat can also run as a hybrid, with two 20.8kW electric motors. This will allow the Yacht a top speed of 21 knots (24MPH).

Inside - 75" tv screens and the same fabric used in 1970s 911s - Image from Porsche

Porsche and Dynamiq are also taking pride in the fact that this is the first yacht ever to be produced that can be configured online! Have a go at configuring it for yourself here!

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