Porsche releases Cayenne teaser sketch ahead of reveal

Latest SUV from Stuttgart to be unveiled in livestream

3y ago

A sketch of the upcoming Porsche Cayenne has been released ahead of the car’s reveal next week.

The unveiling of the next-generation SUV, which takes place in Stuttgart, will be streamed by the German manufacturer on Tuesday, August 29, at 8pm BST.

Porsche says the event will boast “a spectacular presentation featuring music, light and choreography.”

The new sketch suggests the Cayenne’s design will be shifted more in line with the styling of its smaller stable-mate, the Macan, although it looks it set to be an evolved design, rather than a total revolution.

The new Cayenne will be the latest in a model line that started in 2002, when it effectively created the performance SUV segment in the market.

It’ll be based on VW Group’s MLB platform, which currently underpins the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga, although it’s expected to use engines and interior elements from the Porsche Panamera. Rumours have suggested hybrid technology may feature in the range too, although Porsche has yet to confirm this.

When approached for comment on the new SUV, Porsche said: “While there's an awful lot to tell you about the new car, we're only issuing the sketch for the moment.”

The new Cayenne is expected to go on sale in the UK from early 2018, with pricing and order details likely to be announced later this year.

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  • Yawn

      3 years ago
  • haha 😂 true

      3 years ago
  • Shouldn't be too hard to improve the looks compared to the old one, because the old one looked like a genital fungus - horrendous

      3 years ago