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Porsche Road Trip: the curated digital tour guide

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When you own a Porsche, it becomes about the drive and finding the perfect getaway road. Porsche has decided that it wants to help your journe . The new Porsche Road Trip App supports car enthusiasts in planning, organising and navigating their extraordinary trips.

Curated drives using Porsche Road Trip (Image Porsche AG)

To quote Porsche “Our goal is to support the emotional driving experience with digital solutions”. So that sounds good, but what does it do? Porsche Road Trip will offer suggestions for trips of different lengths, ranging from short but interesting half or full day drives to a two-day-long journey with overnight stay suggestions. All curated by Porsche.

The new 911 (Image Porsche AG)

Porsche curates the routes for you within the Application. Porsche Road Trip will feature recommendations for selected restaurants and hotels as well as indicating service points and interesting stops and sights along the way.

Porsche Road Trip (Image Porsche AG)

Initially, Porsche Road Trip will only contain routes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as the USA. Further countries will follow in the next release stage. The App is available for iOS now, free of charge.

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