Porsche says its synthetic fuel is as clean as EVs

Synthetic E-Fuels seem like the future, don't they?

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As it stands today, pure-electric vehicles appear to be the future with all big car manufacturers jumping on the trend. But, Porsche has been experimenting with synthetic fuels which could revolutionise the way we drive combustion-engined cars.

According to Frank Walliser, vice president of Porsche motorsport and GT cars, this fuel will make a traditional car just as emissions-free as an EV. This is a very bold statement, but if it's coming from a clever German then it's worth listening further.

When unveiling the new 911 GT3, Wallisner said: "Synthetic fuel is cleaner and there is no byproduct and when we start full production we expect a CO2 reduction of 85 percent.

"It's important to consider the 'wheel-to-well' emissions measurement when talking about EVs or E-Fuel. This will be the same level of CO2 produced in the manufacture and use of an electric vehicle."

If this fuel works, it will change how the world looks at cars, as EVs may look good on the surface, but all the environmental harm which goes on in their production is something to be concerned about. This is why if these E-Fuels take off, we will all be in a better stead to save the planet as it will work with existing cars.

Porsche plans to start production of its new E-Fuel next year and we look forward to seeing the results.

What do you think to that?

Are synthetic fuels the future?

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  • Well, they put electric steering in a 911. So maybe they’ve done some wrong

      1 day ago