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Porsche Taycan Caught Benchmarking Old Tesla Model S

If you can’t beat them, join them, right? That must be Porsche’s thinking, as it’s been caught benchmarking Taycan prototypes against a pre-facelift Tesla Model S. An Electrek reader spotted the development mules parked next to a Model S at the top of the Stelvio Pass, where Porsche engineers were poking around both cars. The company has previously said it didn’t use Elon Musk’s super-saloon as a benchmark, but these pics show otherwise.

So why has Porsche chosen a pre-facelift Model S, and not the latest, fastest versions? Well, if they were testing the Tesla’s software, the age of the car wouldn’t matter as updates happen over-the-air to all cars. Tellingly, the Model S is a P85D. At one time the company’s fastest model, the P85D has been discontinued to make way for the P90D and P100D.

The Taycan will surely manage 0-62mph in under 3.5 seconds, but lightning-fast acceleration won’t be the Taycan’s main playing card. That’s why it’s not being tested against a P100D. Porsche will develop its electric saloon to maintain a high speed for longer, without it draining the battery instantly. Yep, both the autobahn and certain racetracks are in mind…

It’s likely that the engineers were testing the energy consumption and brake regeneration of both vehicles. Porsche’s engineers are making sure the Taycan deserves the badge, too. It may be going electric, but it’ll keep the performance and handling characteristics we expect.

And, judging by these pics, the number of exhaust pipes. Yep, Porsche is still putting fake exhausts on the Taycan. It seems like they're trying to hide its powertrain to unknowing onlookers. Bit weird, don't you think?

Boss Oliver Blume has admitted that some former customers have migrated to Tesla, so the Taycan will be crucial in clawing back sales. And going back to the racetrack, it means we can probably expect a Taycan racing series sometime soon. Just like the Jaguar I-Paces, but with the sporty shape that racing cars need.

Production should start next year.

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  • I am sold on electrics as I have been driving a Volt for almost 2 years now IN canada.

    Downside is charging time but it is like a rolling video game as you challenge yourself to go longer on less power without sacrificing time or pace. I have been able to eek out over 100km of driving distance on a pack that when fully charged says it will go 83km. We run the cars mileage on 75% battery but need bigger ones. Another downside is the loss of power used to maintain a stable temp for the battery pack for very cold winters and very hot summers. If dressed for winter I can use heated steering wheel and seats and turn off climate control. Unfortunately when it is 35C out you cant avoid AC.

    In order to reduce pollution we need to look at the source of the power we are using to charge the batteries too. I could go fully electric but prices need to come down on 500-600km battery packs first otherwise it is my BMW 328d x drive for long trips.

    1 month ago
  • Well, I'm not quite sold on the electrics quite yet, but the Taycan is a far visual improvement to the Panamera for Porsche's 4-door saloon.

    1 month ago
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