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Porsche Taycan: The Taycan Is Electric But It's 100% Porsche And Now It's Yours!

Innovative, Fast And Smart, The Taycan Is All Yours For £83,367!

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Porsche make incredible cars. They look good and are great. The Porsche Taycan, due to set up a new era of cars whether we like it or not. This futuristic look has never struck me. They have always been too curvaceous and by that I mean a round box. But, Porsche re-defined my way of thinking about the future of cars. Before you rant in the comments about the future cars I don't mean all, I like the hybrid M3 and I love the Tesla Roadster but the Taycan... WOW! What a car it is indeed! The suspension height is perfect and the new headlights make me dribble. In comparison to the new Porsche Panamera Turbo S which is also put at around the same price then it's debatable which one is the best. They have a similar styling almost identical from the rear. You know, that curvaceous look but slightly angular, twinned rear lights and an exceptional speed that exceeds our expectations. But, Porsche will sell these cars to anyone but it will be targeted towards business people and in their eye and most importantly, families. They are so high in practicality and so reliable.


Each Porsche has a unique look to it. They have an unparalleled view in which no other car has copied. Each new Porsche released has a look that has never been seen before while keeping that Porsche tradition. For Porsche, a car manufacturer that started in 1931 who have always made special petrol cars. Cars that have been modified in ways no car should be modified to make a electric. That's the problem if Porsche make a car that is electric then, well the world needs to except it. That's what Porsche have done! The Taycan respects the past of Porsche by taking a new front design. The fenders are higher than on most Porsche. Aerodynamic bonnet cuts at a detailed style to the front of the car. New obvious headlights with a genius hood that stops light from escaping sideways and keeps it focused ahead. There is a lower ride height and softer suspension for a smoother ride. New broad rims that are optional. A soft angular side(especially the mirrors). A carbon fibre rocker panel. And then all of a sudden you hit the rear. The rear is very curvaceous, soft and composed. The rear lights alone from the 918 but twinned for starters looks incredible and you can't actually make out that the lights were from a 918.

Rear View

Rear View

The roof also has some aerodynamic cuts. This stops such a bumpy ride as the car is held down in positions. Obviously this is nothing alike a F1 car but it is enough for the Taycan. The air flow is considerably large. The rear and head number plate has entirely been perfected.

It's Unbelievable How Optional The Interior Is... If That's A Thing?

A car well perfected and a large contribute being the interior. The options for interior range from the moon and back! Here take a look!

Of course the Porsche Taycan is a 5 seater and all applies in the rear seats. The Porsche Taycan isn't luxury, but, it is comfortable and a great family car as it does have a deep front and rear boot. It's a 4x4 but as a saloon!


Porsche Taycan


Engine 2 AC synchronous electric motors, front and rear axle

Transmission 1-speed direct-drive (front), 2-speed automatic (rear)

Battery 79.2 or 93.4 kWh liquid-cooled lithium-ion

Electric range 333 to 463 km (206.9 to 287.7 mi) (WLTP combined)

Plug-in charging

11 kW (110 volt) AC

270 kW (800 volt) DC

Price: £83,367.00

Ratings(All Ratings In Comparison To Your Typical Porsche):

1 Stars: Pathetic

2 Stars: Under Expectations

3 Stars: Average To Comparison

4 Stars:Exceeds Expectations

5 Stars:Incredible!





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