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Porsche to resume GT2RS production after cargo ship sinks

26w ago


As you may or may not have known, Porsche, ended production of the GT2RS (the track devouring monster) in February of this year. Due to reports, Porsche will be continuing production following a cargo ship which sank carrying new cars to Brazil.

The cargo ship, 'Grande America' sank off the coast of France on the 12th of March after a fire that broke out on one of the containers on deck, resulting in around 2,000 cars ending up in the sea. As well as Porsche's, Audi Brazil reportedly confirmed that the ship was carrying A3, A5, Q7, RS4, and RS5 models.

This hasn't been publicly announced by Porsche but as shown in a CarScoops article, there is a letter to a Brazilian customer saying that the German manufacturer will continue production to make up for the cars that ended up in the sea.

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Just imagine waiting ages for your special PTS GT2RS to receive a letter saying it is at the bottom of the ocean... Well, if you want a Porsche or Audi and have a Submarine, by all means give it a go!...

How would you feel as a prospective GT2RS customer?

Source: CarScoops

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