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Porsche treats 10 986 Boxsters to restoration as part of 70th anniversary

Porsche sure know how to celebrate their birthday, as now they're showcasing 10 restored Boxsters as part of a 20-car restoration program.

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Porsche’s 70th anniversary celebrations have seen the arrival of many wonderful creations. There has been a brand new 993 Turbo S, a replica of the company’s very first sports car, and a rather lovely 935 Moby Dick. And now, they’ve gone and brought 10 986 Boxsters back to their former glory thanks to a glorious restoration.

Painted in a shade known as “Liquid Metal” - a colour taken from the 918 Spyder - each individual Boxster invite you to jump in and drive for all eternity. While Boxsters themselves may be a dime a dozen - and certainly one of the least expensive ways into Porsche ownership - these restored examples look absolutely stunning!

Porsche is showcasing their handy work right now at the NEC’s Classic Motor Show in Birmingham. As part of an incredible 20-car restoration program, the Boxsters are joined by air-cooled 964s, and front-engined V8 928s - all of which feature a plague saying “70 years of Porsche”. Amongst all the drool-worthy machinery sits something known as the Project 70. Essentially, this is a 1965 short-wheel base 911 racing car - with a mere 2 litre engine tucked away in its rear.

As part of a second display at the NEC, Porsche is proudly exhibiting what spawned from its “restoracing” competition. For this task, each of Porsche’s restoration centres was required to take an old 986 Boxster S, and give it a new life as a race-prepared track-weapon. It was stipulated that each of these cars would have to wear a classic livery from Porsche’s racing history.

But what do you guys think of Porsche’s restoration efforts? Do you like what they’ve done, or do you wish they’d focus on more modern machinery? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Love the looks of that old boxster!

      2 years ago