Porsche unveil the eagerly awaited Taycan

5w ago


Porsche have just unveiled the highly anticipated Taycan, the Stuttgart manufacturers first all electric vehicle.

The livestream on YouTube was watched by over 45,000 people from around the globe as the car was presented simultaneously in three separate locations; in front of the Niagara Falls in Canada, the Pingtan wind farm in China and it's home in Germany, backdropped by a solar farm near Berlin.

Porsche chose to display the car at these locations to pay direct homage to the green production of electricity, and the growing use of renewables across the globe and particularly in the automotive industry.

Four years ago Porsche gave the green light to their Mission E concept, and embarked on a completely new journey for the brand. The Taycan represents this new path for Porsche, and indeed for the wider world of car manufacturers who will likely follow suit.

Oliver Bulme, chairman of the executive board, was joined by former Porsche Le Mans racing driver Mark Webber in Germany, and the duo looked truly excited throughout the whole unveiling.

The Taycan has some impressive stats, including a 0-60mph time of 2.6 seconds and will go on to drive between 388-412km on a single charge.

Add to that a voltage of 800, nearly double of your regular electric car, meaning much faster charging.

With a power output of 460kW, which can be upped another 100kW using the 'Overdrive mode', the car uses technology forged during the teams hybrid Le Mans car the 919, as well as the recent research and development into the 99X Formula E car.

You can relive the moment the Taycan was revealed to the world below!

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