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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo : It's coming.

Here is a concept car created by Porsche for Gran Turismo 7 .... and maybe for the real world ?

6w ago

Porsche and Polyphony Digital (the developer of the Gran Turismo franchise) teamed up, and the Porsche Vision GT was born.

What is the Porsche Vision GT ?

It is a virtual concept car that will be drivable only in Gran Turismo 7 (which will be released in March 2022), which has design references such as the 911 or the Taycan. At the same time, the Vision GT is a concept entirely dedicated to the future through its design, and its on-board equipment (with holographic screens in particular).

An interesting detail, however : Markus Auerbach (Head of Interior Design at Porsche) asserted during the concept presentation that "only materials of plant origin" were used in the design of the Vision GT. This remark may allow us to suppose that if this concept car is appreciated by the players, a switch to a physical concept car would be expected. To monitor.

Here is finally the official video published by Porsche, where the genesis of the "Vision GT" project is revealed (and it's interesting).

Porsche Vision GT Press release

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