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Porsche Vision Gran Turismo: This Is It

Vision Gran Turismo just got itself an incredible entry from Stuttgart

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Concept studies have been part of Gran Turismo since Gran Turismo 4, with the likes of the NIKE ONE turning heads in-game. It was eventually supercharged in Gran Turismo 6, continued in GT Sport, and will see the addition of a Porsche-designed concept for GT7. Looks a bit like a new Porsche 904, doesn't it?

Photo from Porsche

Photo from Porsche

We've seen a large part of the VGT car on Gran Turismo 7's cover art but this is the first time that Porsche has taken the wraps off and shown enough light for us to gawk at. And it's quite the striking design.

For one, the headlights are far different from what we're used to seeing even at a time when the Taycan and Mission R both exist as representatives for "the future of Porsche". It's narrower, but still carries the four-line setup from those two cars, only set far closer together. There's also a pair of carbon flaps in front which could work as an aero device if the Mission R's flaps are any indication.

Render from Polyphony Digital and Porsche

Render from Polyphony Digital and Porsche

The rear, meanwhile, features some immense diffuser tunnels and a split rear spoiler that runs the whole length of the rear light bar, an integrated aero feature that exterior design designer Peter Varga is proud to show Jimmy Broadbent to below.

It's in the above stream where Porsche showcases much of what made them do this: birthed as early as 2019 when it was first floated in Frankfurt, Porsche designed a true digital-only car that is unbound by the limits imposed by the real world, but isn't such a fantastical machine that it couldn't be made for real.

From the interior that has both holographic instrument clusters and no seats (just Race-Tex faux-suede pads) to the fact that it is sort of taking a page from the Maserati Birdcage 75th, the Porsche VGT is a far different animal from the Mission R, from its philosophy to its design. But it is electric, presumably based on a Taycan powertrain, and while Porsche hasn't got any hard stats to show (possibly because it's a game spoiler), they're quite confident about what this is implying for the future of their company's cars.

So what did Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi think when he was shown the car? "Contrary to the compact size, it is packed with much more fine mechanisms than you would initially imagine just from its size," stressing that it is "very much a Porsche through and through."

And if TopGear Magazine's blurbs with Porsche are anything to go by, it's a deliberate direction to go to. “Looking at some Vision GT cars from other companies in the past, we could see some were huge,” says exterior designer Ingo Bauer-Scheinhütte, “uber-hypercars that looked more like fighter planes and less like cars. So we decided to do something that feels real and which you imagine seeing on the road in a few years.”

I reckon they did a stellar job, too, and is worthy of being on the cover of a long-running console sim-cade title like Gran Turismo.

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  • The vision gt cars of gran turismo is pretty innovative I must say. I’m not a big fan of driving them in game, but love the concept. Good way to get automakers thinking.

      1 month ago
  • Am I meant to get my cock out when I see this on the internet.

      1 month ago