Porsche will continue to offer a manual gearbox to satisfy customers

Relax, this isn't the end of the manual gearbox in the Porsche production line

4y ago

The ultimate demise of the manual gearbox has been a hot topic in the car community lately with chatter suggesting that we should all just acknowledge the fact that all cars are becoming more and more automatic as days go by, but Porsche aren't ready to take that commitment yet and have promised that more manual cars will be coming to satisfy the purists.

While speaking to Autocar, Porsche told them about how successful that manual variants have been, and to be more specific, naturally aspirated cars with a manual like the Cayman GT4, Porsche 911R and the latest GT3 with the Touring Package. Due to this, Porsche have listened to their customers.

“The GT4 showed us there was demand for a pure driving Porsche with a manual gearbox,” said Porsche’s head of GT, Frank Walliser. “This theme of ‘pure and simple’ is a success in other fields too, like scrambler motorbikes and single-speed bicycles. People like simplicity.”

“Buyers just need to get a regular slot on the production line. It’s not a limited-run car" said a spokesman from Porsche GB.

The latest model that ticks those boxes (the GT3 Touring Package) isn't a limited run and can be opted by customer after customer which Porsche is more than happy to show off. Orders have been flooding in with the first customer deliveries to be expected in January 2018.

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