Porsche's new 911 GT3 looks unbelievable on old school rims

Which set is your favourite?

6w ago

Customisation is becoming more popular as we enter a new phase and generation of car enthusiasts. Making cars stand out is something many of us take pride in, so what about whacking some old school rims on your brand new 911 GT3?

A new 911 Turbo sporting these classic wheels

A new 911 Turbo sporting these classic wheels

HRE wheels in San Diego has been playing around with different wheels on the new GT3 and we want to know which set is your favourite.

These new line of wheels by HRE are called Vintage, Classic and 540 Series wheels. This modern construction of wheel is called Forged Monoblok Rim (FMR) and has over 40 years of experience behind it.

The mono-constructed barrel creates a stiff wheel, reduces mass, and increases concentricity. The new range is available in 20- to 22-inch sizes and, according to HRE, the structural benefits of the FMR design mean HRE can offer a "wider breadth of styling options."

CEO of HRE, Alan Peltier said: "With the addition of FMR to the Vintage, Classic, and 540 Series, we can elevate the performance of these heritage designs to the modern-day levels HRE is known for."

The beauty of these wheels is that HRE can fully-customise the fitment, colour, and finish meaning you can pretty much have any colour and design you want which we are all for. The selection you can see here is what HRE has played around with and we think they all look good, but which is your favourite?

Comment your favourite set of wheels below!

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Comments (15)

  • Those BBS LM knock-offs are most appealing.

      1 month ago
  • The ones on the red GT3 are so beautiful! 😍

      1 month ago
  • You can never make me change my profile picture.

      1 month ago
  • Modern Porsches have a very similar look to their ancestors so it's no surprise that classic-esque rims look so good on them.

      1 month ago
  • It’s nice to see something other than black or gray.. I got silver OZ’s... my own stamp on the 911

      1 month ago