Porsche's Newest 911 Trim Will Exact A Final Revenge On 911R Flippers

Porsche might be adding the 911R as a normal trim level. Bet you feel really dumb for spending $1million on a flipped one.

3y ago

via Autocar

The Porsche 911R was a limited production 911 built for driving pleasure focusing on a pure driving experience. Limited production numbers and a standard manual transmission mated the GT3 RS's 4.0-liter flat-6 made the 911R a coveted collectors car.

Despite Porsche's best efforts many 911Rs were bought as investment pieces and quickly flipped for a massive profit. In an act of final revenge Porsche might add the 911R as a normal trim level destroying and perceived value of the examples collectors flipped last year.

The upcoming 991.2 GT3 features the same manual transmission as the 911R with an improved engine. Further more, you can spec a new GT3 with the touring package that deletes the fixed rear wing. The new GT3 is better than the R is every measurable way but, the GT3 is still a focused track weapon.

According to Porsche R&D boss Michael Steiner, there is potential for a more pure trim level focused on driving pleasure on the road. Since that was the main mission of the 911R, we expect an improved version will be released as the 991.2 911 fades out of production. Surely this trim level will be a final farewell to the spectacular 991 chassis.

Porsche still builds cars that are meant to be driven. The company's commitment to building cars rather than investment pieces is refreshing. I hope everyone who spent far too much money for an R feels foolish.

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