Porsche's One-Millionth 911 Is An Absolute Work Of Art

2y ago


Apologies about that pain scratching pun in the subhead of this post. I couldn't help myself. However, the tonality of is rings true. The exquisite green paint on this car is just the beginning because the rest of it is amazing.

So just how did the 911 get to 1 million units? Well it's been built since 1963 and even with low production numbers ever year, it all adds up in the end. Porsche even delivered 32,365 in 2016, so you can imagine how low the volume was at the beginning an even for the first few decades.

The 1 millionth rolled off the line earlier this month as a Carrera S variant. However, it wasn't your standard Carrera S 911. No. It, of course, has the special "Irish Green" exterior color with those tastefully gorgeous golden accents. It also has a wood lined steering wheel and special dash displays.

Unfortunately this car will likely never see a single sweeping turn as it's bound for the Porsche museum. Sadface.

Before going on display it'll be set on a world tour, naturally. I don't know about you, but If i had the money I'd try to pry it from Porsche's hands. This thing is perfect.

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