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Post a sketch of your car design and I will render it

And teach you how to do it too using a web based AI-tool

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Disclaimer: Rendering requires a lot of time and effort and since I can't dedicate too much of it due to univerisity, I will be using vizcom.co SketchtoRender (S2R) to help me speed up the process. This post is not sponsored by vizcom.


Reega Effindi, a fellow drivetriber, messaged me a few days ago asking about a car design of theirs and how could they improve their drawing. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to try out a tool that has been making the rounds in the car designers community lately.

Vizcom is an AI based web platform for creative tools. Until recently, it was in its testing phase but now it is open for all users to try for free, or get advanced tools and rendering engines for a fee (30$ a year right now which is honestly a steal).

Getting started

What do you need for vizcom to work? It's simple - A high contrast line sketch. Reega sent me a sketch of a car they were working on and I began by putting it into photoshop and creating a line sketch over it. You may use any sketching mobile app too like autodesk sketchbook and a stylus.

Uploading to Vizcom

Make an account, upload the sketch , hit render, wait 20 seconds and you're done. That's it.

Actually, you need to do this process a few times going back and forth in the line sketch and making some lines thicker (line weight) to get the best result. It is also recommended that you remove all guide lines before you upload it because it treats guide lines as entities in the car.


After you download the render, superimpose your line sketch on top of it. I cropped some rims I found on the internet and added them in too. After some more detailing, I had this.

Send me your cars, or try it out yourself.

Do you still have the childhood drawings of a dream car that you'd like to see rendered? Or maybe a drawing in your adulthood? Share them in the comments and I will try my best to render them in my free time using vizcom and get them back to you. Thanks Reega for giving me this idea.

Further reading

In case you are curious as to what this tool is capable of, read the links I posted here


www.artstation.com/artwork/xJE9K4 Scott Robertson's work with this tool.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=K37hDASBaeg fully generated car inside vizcom

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