Post French GP

This race, which wasn't the greatest of the season, still had its moments other than the dominance of Mercedes.

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The Toro Rossos. Credit: Murat Gunarslan

The Toro Rossos. Credit: Murat Gunarslan

Toro Rosso's sportsmanship

Toro Rosso's Albon & Kvyat showed fantastic performances during the race. Before finishing 14th-15th, a very respectful and highly sportsmanship rivalry was seen between the two. Not something you see in every team, especially when its drivers are relatively young as them. As a team this wasn't it's best GP but still shows rather much about it's inner dynamics and strategies.

Raikkonen: "Good fun". Credit:

Raikkonen: "Good fun". Credit:

The iceman: "Good fun" in France

Its 6 points for the Finn in France, after a race which resembles what Raikkonen can really achieve also after 18 years in F1. This may suggest that only when arriving at nearly half of the season - Kimi is in total control in his new team. I hope this would last and improve.

The Mclarens were on Redbull's tail from lap 1

The Mclarens were on Redbull's tail from lap 1

Climbing up the hill of success

Mclaren is now 4th in the constructors' after a great weekend for them in France. Both drivers showed tremendous racing which got them to 6th (Sainz) & 9th (Norris). Mclaren was dominant and keps its pace brilliantly while chasing the 2 Redbulls during all of the race. This GP was special mostly for Norris, who as I predicted came very focused and passionate. Eventually it paid off and the future looks bright for the legendary team. Lets just hope that the same ambition will be held in Austria.

What happened to Haas?

With Magnussen finishing 17th and Grosjean's DNF this was a terrible weekend for Haas. The Team struggles to stay in a good position but things are going up and down very quickley. It seems that also in this season, Grosjean will let his emotions control his driving and personal dynamic with the team. I get the feeling that this is the main reason for this result.

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  • Renault vs McLaren vs Kimi was absolutely brilliant.

      2 years ago