Potential Sony PS5 patent hints at touchscreen controller

Swiping through your Gran Turismo car collection iPad style could become a reality, assuming the latest PS5 rumour is to be believed.

2y ago

Touchscreen gaming could be a greater focus for the PlayStation 5, if a patent from Sony ends up being used for the next-generation console.

Filed by Sony Interactive on the 27th of September, 2018, the patent uses dull language such as "a controller for interfacing wirelessly" and rambles on about the fact it needs two hands, as is the case for the current PS4 DualShock.

What's interesting though is that the patent description mentions a touchscreen. Specifically: "A touchscreen defined along the top surface of the main body between the first extension and second extension," indicating the display would sit in the middle of the controller.

This would be a logical move for Sony. Mobile gaming has been making use of tablet and smartphone touchscreens for years, while Nintendo brought it to consoles before the Nintendo Switch was even a thing.

Let's also not forget the latest DualShock controller for PS4 has a nigh-on two-inch touchpad already, so it would be easy to swap that for a touchscreen.

So what could the touchscreen add? The patent goes on to mention social sharing, which could include screenshots and gameplay videos. Stuff you can already do, admittedly, but not from your controller. No doubt other clever functionality would be implemented.

One theory suggests the touchscreen will be added to a new PS4 DualShock variant, but that seems like a lot of effort for a console that is likely to be axed in the not-so-distant future. Unless, of course, Sony opts for a revised console closer in power to Microsoft's Xbox One X.

More likely is that the patent will be used for the PS5, which some analysts believe could arrive at the earliest in 2019. That would make a lot of sense given that the PlayStation will be 25 years old in the same year.

Or maybe, just maybe Sony is merely safeguarding potential ideas that it may never actually use. We shall just have to wait and see, eh.

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  • So they will be using a wiiU controller on ps5 then :p ?

      2 years ago