Potential Storylines For The 2019 F1 Season

It's all smiles now, but what will it be like later on this year?

Leclerc At Ferrari.

As far as rookie seasons go, the 21 year old monegasque had an absolute blinder. In his first season he clinched a thirteenth place in the drivers championship, which was enough to earn him a seat at that team we all know and "love". Unfortunately, Charles is going to have Vettel as a teammate. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, it all depends on wether Ferrari want to put Leclerc as their main driver and shun Vettel out to the sidelines like they did with Kimi. However, I don't see this happening. Personally, I think Ferrari will put Charles in the same position as Raikkonen, he'll be playing the rear gunner job alongside Bottas at Mercedes. Speaking of Valtteri...

The sad truth about Bottas...

Valtteri, it's James...

Ah Bottas, everyone's second favourite Finnish driver. What is he going to do? He can either stay with Mercedes and forever live in the shadow of Hamilton's rear wing or... He can go somewhere else. I wouldn't be surprised if Bottas tried to shoehorn himself into Force India in 2020 alongside Stroll. What we'd all like to see is Valtteri to tell James to put a sock in it and give Lewis a run for his money, but we all know he won't. Shame...

Will it be love or engine smoke and swearing?

The Red Bull Honda Gamble...

Honda haven't had the best of starts in the modern era of F1. McLaren being their equivalent of that one uncle you really don't want to make eye contact with at a get together. But in 2018 all that changed. They'd moved on from weird uncle McLaren and onto auntie Torro Rosso. The sister team welcomed Honda in with open arms, mainly because they were told to and because they thought it would propel them up the midfield pack. Now in 2019, Red Bull have ditched their Renault engines in favour of Honda power plants. This decision could be a brilliant move as the Honda has shown pace, but reliability could be a recurring problem that Red Bull can't afford if they want to be challenging Mercedes and Ferrari.

They look a bit simple don't they?

New Regulations...

Now these regulation changes could shake up the field or do completely sod all. The change to the front wing does away with the vortex generators and makes the main flaps longer. The width of the front wing is also wider with a lower potential for outwash. Brake ducts will also be simplified for 2019, doing away with the many intricate winglets and changes the shape of the duct itself.

A comparison between the 2018(Left) and 2019(Right) brake ducts.

The rear wings will also be getting a slight revamp. The Drag Reduction System (DRS) opening will be 85mm wide compared to 65mm in 2018. This change will theoretically improve the effectiveness of the DRS by 25-30% and boost overtaking in the DRS zones. The rear wing will also be slightly taller in an attempt to move the "rooster tail" wake higher. This means the dirty air will be diffused into the air easier.

We're also getting new rain lights. I know exciting...

This is my first large post on here. I hoped you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.

-Joseph Le Corre-

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Comments (13)
  • If Bottas and to a lesser degree (for the time being) LeClerc want to be number one all they have to do is out score their team mate. Bottas is not likely to get a better opportunity to fight for the championship then where he is at right now. Beating Hamilton is certainly a huge task, but it can be done.

    10 months ago
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  • Honda to have a powerful and reliable power train along with an improved Renault, this season could (hopefully) add a few more teams to the front of the pack. The new front wing is the big 'if'. I don't see it improving overtaking in my opinion.

    10 months ago
    • I just want to see a couple of the midfield teams getting close to the top three. As for the front wing alone, it probably won’t have a great effect, but added to the new rear wings and...

      Read more
      10 months ago


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