- .... delivering little bundles of love, directly to your door.

Power, Beauty, Soul or 5h1t, d4mn, f#ck?

When you try to be 006.99 but you dont have the Bond money

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1y ago

I bough the cheapest Aston Martin... something something I found on a Thursday..

Say you watched some old Bond movies, and then some Top Gear (old good times) and some Jezzah inspired you to get the damn v12 Aston.

You look around and even tho the used market can be considered cheap, it is still not within reach, So now what? Then you turn into auction sites, and get it in way over your head.

Some background here: When I decided this I didnt have a garage or a lift, so I started this entire ordeal in a driveway outdoors .. I know I know, but hey, my mom said I am special okay?

As you can see it was delivered just like Giraffes, overnight, directly to your door.

This is how it looks from top:

So here is your chance to look at this one:

So here is your chance to look at this one:

And now the crippled sound:

So what is Drivetribe thinking?

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