P​ower Isn't Everything: Tom's Opinion

S​tick with me, I have a point

1y ago

Yes, it is me. I am back. This is my long-awaited return. My 2 followers and 8 tribe members have been desperately begging for this day to come. Anyway, I’ll get to the point for those of you who want to know what I’m about rant on about. I don’t want to come across like a newly graduated student from the teachings of James May, but power isn’t everything. Yes, I am one for speed and power, but I get slightly irritated by the mindset that a high horsepower figure is directly proportional to how good a car is.

Being young at the time of writing this, I do love a good horsepower figure, such as a Bugatti’s W16 or any of the Koenigsegg fleet. However, there are so many cars that I would rather own. For example, I am currently in the mindset of wanting to modify cars (yes, I would love an eBay unbranded exhaust system that would guarantee me an ASBO), so an old, high mileage Mx-5 sounds so appealing to me. As an example, my friends and I are into the Japanese car scene, so 90s to early 2000s sports cars. One of my friends was into the Mazda Mx-5 NA as his next car, but only really saw it as a way to fill in the time before he could get insured on a Nissan 350z. The Nissan has over twice the power of the MX5 and that’s the appeal he saw, so once he realized that, he just went off the MX5. I would love to be under a £150 Mazda, struggling to get a rusty bolt off of its rusty muffler, since it’s engaging and comes with masses of achievement when (or if) it goes right. I may not have sold that point amazingly, but after all, it is subjective. I know it was his choice to pick the car or not, but he just instantly went off it when the power was less, despite all the upsides that it has.

The high-powered vehicles are incredible masterpieces of engineering and design, don’t get me wrong, but it means that important factors are overlooked. Styling, handling, weight distribution, clever pieces of technology or even character. I could go on and on. Another example of power being a huge priority was the Gordon Murrey Automotive T.50. I am completely in love with this car. Manual, naturally aspirated screaming V12, high redline, lightweight, RWD. There’s so much to love. But it has less than 700bhp, so in the eyes of a lot of car lovers, those formerly mentioned points are obsolete. Am I just rambling here or does anyone else see my point? Let me know what all of you think, I want to know your opinions.

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  • Welcome back Tom! You’re right, there’s a lot more that makes a car fun than just loads of power

      1 year ago