- A 1/18 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept police car by Maisto.

Power Pursuer: Dodge Challenger Concept police car

The Maisto Police Department seems to love the Challenger, since they didn't wait for it to officially come on sale, and simply use the concept.

With that method they got the Challenger two years earlier than other customers, who could buy it from 2008. Even though the folks of the Maisto Police Department obviously couldn't wait for their Challenger, they didn't just throw some paint on it to transform it into a police car, they took the necessary time.

One very obvious and great looking feature the police Challenger has is its ram bar, to push cars of villain's from the road without damaging their treasured Challenger.

The paintscheme reminds of the California State Patrol's cars, but there's no name of a certain location or police department written on.

The Dodge also has a roof light bar to warn other motorists of its fast approximation. On the mirrors there's a small blue light on the right and a red one on the left to make the car even more noticeable in an emergency situation.

If you open the hood you can see one of the main reasons why the Maisto Police Depatment is so crazy about the Challenger, its 6.1-l-Hemi-V8!

The interior looks very sporty, since the Challenger Concept has a manual gearbox there's a gear shifter sticking out of the driver-oriented middle console. But it's hard to oversee that this Challenger works on behalf of security, since there's a huge monitor for police stuff on the dashboard.

Between the driver's and the front passenger's seat there are a couple of guns, that unfortunately are hiding behind the driver's seat in the picture below. What can clearly be seen though is that the Challenger can't be used to transport criminals, it'd be far to easy for them to attack the policemen, especially with the guns they could easily grab.

While the trunk isn't as big as on other police cars, it's still got a nice size to store most of the things you need for your patrol. But even here isn't a good place to transport criminals, because they might complain quite a lot afterwards.

However, as long as you don't need to transport criminals, the Challenger Concept seems to be a very good police car, especially for the policemen who drive it.

The model has four opening parts and suspension springs.

The model has four opening parts and suspension springs.

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