Power Wagon: Macho Mopar Pickup

With its jacked-up stance, chunky roll bar, CB radio, full time 4WD and strapping big block under the hood, the Macho Power Wagon....

3y ago


As seen on fueltank.cc

Photography: Luke Ray.

Following the glorious muscle car era, the sudden shock created by the fuel crisis in 1974 pitched the American auto industry into a black hole of emasculated engines and styling best described as fruity as a nutcake. Over at Chrysler however, there was one room the fun police had yet to force their way into. It was where the real men hung out – the Dodge truck division.

Applying the same awesome thinking that produced the Superbee and Road Runner for thrill seeking teenagers – cue a tough V8, megawatt dress-up packages and sex appeal by the bucketload – Chrysler was taking full advantage of legislative loopholes that removed trucks from the same strict emissions standards that had just been applied to cars. Imagine the brainstorming sessions in Detroit. It’s a smoky room full of droopy moustaches, gold chains, polyester shirts and testosterone set to powerband. “Hey guys, we need a name for a sporty truck we can sell to kids who wanna get laid in a canoe!”. “I’ve got it!” says Chuck as he tokes on a coconut bong spiced with Angel Dust and flicks the 8-track stereo to Bachman–Turner Overdrive. “Let’s paint it like a muscle car and call it the Macho Power Wagon!”

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Comments (6)

  • Hell Yeah!!!

      3 years ago
  • I miss mine, even though it was a POS!

      3 years ago
  • Awesome truck, love it!

      3 years ago
  • they didn't always have a big block, in fact I think most of them were 360s. I also prefer the earlier model decal package to this one.

      3 years ago
  • GIB!!

      3 years ago