Practical Classics Classic Car And Restoration Show a musicians perspective

A great weekend at the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show. The show whose name alone fills up most of the characters on twitter, kind of appropriate because it's a show full of characters. It's the show where people get their hands dirty in a whirlpool of memories. Cars that are classic because of the memories they evoke rather than the price tag. Restorations born of passion rather than profit.

The iconic Ford Capri

This isn't about who's got the most expensive car or the best smelling leather but more about hot sticky vinyl and the first car you owned and the memories that evokes. I had a great chat with Danny Hopkins of Practical Classic about this. It's funny how many people feel the same. I'm not sure this will always apply, as in this era of credit I don't think there is as much of that "this is all we can afford let's make do" attitude, but I could be wrong. Although the flip side of that is programs like Wheeler Dealers and shows like The PCresto that have done a world of good in showing just what can be achieved.

Incidently through this article we will now refer to the show as PCResto to save virtual ink

It's the conversations that make this show and the pride people have in their journey of restoration

Change is as good as a Restoration

It was a particularly moving show this year watching Mike Brewer as always giving 110% despite the naive abuse of bedroom keyboard warriors who have taken exception to Ed's choice to leave Wheeler Dealers and in an over simplification of events have decided to blame one of the hardest working and most approachable guys in the industry. It is a strange human trait that I've never been able to quite get my head around. I've experienced it first hand in the music industry where people latch onto an artist because they are different and then have a complete tantrum when that artist wants to carry on changing and finding new inspiration.

Miles Davis changed the course of music seven times and each time, many toys where thrown from cots by supposed true fans. In the interest of balance I have to point out that many years ago I was one of the toy throwers but eventually you open that bedroom door and see the light. Mike Rutherford had some of the same stuff when he formed Mike and The Mechanics. Let's not even get started on Genesis changing the singer ;-)

When Humphrey Lyttelton hired Bruce Turner, a mainstream rather than traditional jazz musician, they had to face banners at gigs saying "Go Home Dirty Bopper". The internet hadn't been invented then so you had to have the "spherical objects" to go share your grievances face to face no matter how petty. Bruce Turner incidentally went on to produce an album called "Dirty Bopper" I think you can get it on iTunes. When you're given lemons . . . .

In days gone by Trolls had to come to the gig

Have I sufficiently strayed from the path yet ? What have i told you about keeping those reins tight...
Gun Hill Studios were hired to provide video assets for the show on Saturday but it was such a coming together of like minded spirits we stayed for Sunday.
This also gave me the opportunity to do a little interview with Mike and Ant to get their point of view on the road ahead on my own time.

I'm always intrigued by the parallels between different fields of passion. It was interesting hearing Ant say when I interviewed him that, “to me the car comes first”. It kind of reminded me of my favourite saying when I'm mixing a record, “The Song is the Boss and we are it's humble servants " I think the pairing of Ant and Mike is pure genius and I feel their passion and energy for, as Ant says, wanting the same outcome but not necessarily via the same route should make for some interesting viewing. So I think I've talked long enough now let's hear from the guys and if anyone has the faintest idea what I'm talking about at the beginning of the interview answers on a postcard...

Mike and Ant Interview

Lancaster Insurance Pride of ownership winner

Moving back to the topic of PCresto we thought you’d like to see some shots of the Lancaster Pride of Ownership winner Keith’s wonderful Triumph

Here's a few of the specs from Keith

Engine, 2-litre,16v twin cam Vauxhall GSi C20XE engine, Suzuki Hyabusa throttle bodies, Oil cooler,4 into 1 manifold. Gearbox Ford type 9. Brakes front GT6 discs with twin pot calipers rear 1500 drum brakes. Wheels and Tyres 15in TSW alloys Avon 195/45x15 tyrs. Interior Mazda MX5 seats trimmed in leather/ Alcantara, custom made dashboard and centre console.Exterior colour Ford Focus Vision Blue with white racing stripes, 3Litre Ford Capri Mk1 bonnet bulge and mohair roof.

Comet Classics stand and always deliver

A great collection of classic American cars from Comet Classics

And in conclusion

Yes once again I've ranted on and off topic and there is still much to say and show. So let's take this opportunity to wish Mike, Ant and Ed for that matter all the best with their future antics on and off the screen. The new series of Wheeler Dealers is out in the Autumn. It's a global show just like it's a global World - live with and in it!

So I'm guessing this is gonna be a two parter. Much like those annoying made for tv shows that, just when you think they are going to tell you it was Prof. Plum, in the library with the bent piping, a message comes up on the Telly . . . .

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . .