PRECIOUS MENTAL. The “Goldenrod” Honda CB750 from Steel Bent Customs

1y ago


In the 2017 world of custom bikes there is an enormous number of styles of motorcycles being built with new names like Neo Racer and Cafe Fighter emerging over time. But for all of the custom builders around the world there are a handful who simply create, the style takes care of itself and one look at the motorcycle in question and you know exactly who built it. From the state of Florida, Michael Mundy and his Steel Bent Customs crew is one such example, there is no trickery here just ultra clean classic customs, ready to be ridden hard. Their latest creation is a stunning 1978 Honda CB750 that ticks all the boxes and packs plenty of punch with the owner crowning her ‘Goldenrod’.

The Florida based shop has been around longer than most and given their prolific nature have put together a catalogue of custom bikes totalling between 80-100 machines. But with long-term success comes the ability to be more selective as head honcho Mundy describes “Over the past couple years, Steel Bent Customs has transformed into a boutique-style customs shop. I’m able to pick and choose the builds I’d like to produce and be a bit more selective with the clients I work with. The quality is at a higher standard and thus production is a bit longer to stretch the creativity a bit.”


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