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Pregnant Woman Sues Police After PIT Maneuver Causes Rollover

If even cops go this far for speeding.

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Eight days ago, Arkansas' FOX-16 outlet reported on a July 2020 case involving Nicole Harper, whose car flipped after a PIT manoeuvre by officer Rodney Dunn, who flagged harper for speeding. For her part, Harper was clearly slowing down to pull over in a safe spot and had her warning lights on, but Dunn still punted Harper's SUV anyway. Footage has finally surfaced, and the exchange, as transcribed below, is telling.

[“Why didn’t you stop?” Dunn questioned.]

[“Because I didn’t feel it was safe,” Harper said. Dunn responded, “well this is where you ended up.”]

[Harper went on to say, “I thought it would be safe to wait until the exit.” Dunn said, “no ma’am, you pull over when law enforcement stops you.”]

Except it turns out that Harper is actually in the right after all. Harper's call to slow down and find room to stop is part of the Drivers License Study Guide that the State Police ensures drivers must understand. There really isn't a safe place in that section of road, argues lawyer Andrew Norwood, who represents Harper.

"It's essentially a bowling alley with bumpers on both sides," Norwood said. "There's nowhere to go; you're boxed in by concrete barriers on both sides." He added that Dunn's manoeuvre constituted "deadly force", and is now fighting to change the procedures in apprehending traffic violators using punts. And Harper is not alone: FOX-16 reported 144 punts last year, with three deaths.

One recent development arose since: Arkansas Police didn't see it fit to mete out disciplinary action against Dunn as of the time of this writing. Colonel Bill Bryant is adamant that Harper should have stopped immediately. Still, there is a reason why Harper and her lawyer are suing the officer, and by extension, the police force, though it remains to be seen what will happen later.

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  • Police exist to serve and protect the State only. That’s they’re purpose by design. Enforcing the will of the state over the People is the role of police. Sure, some cops may not see it this way. But, it’s still the cold reality.

    Endless wars create, among other things, a military surplus and that’s how police departments across America have been militarized. What’s this got to do with this story? Everything. The Police State is conditioned to see the civilian population as enemy soldiers instead of innocent unless proven guilty People. Applying potentially deadly force is becoming increasingly normalized and the People need to re-assess the use of potentially deadly tactics against a civilian population. This is not a rant for defunding the cops or any such jackass ideas. If we are going to empower cops to use potentially deadly force with greater and greater leeway, then then the People need to understand that virtually anything less of swift law enforcement compliance frequently empowers cops to do what this story describes and more.

      2 days ago
    • NAILED IT!

        2 days ago
    • I get the feeling you only look at the minority, and not the majority. I have massive respect for law enforcement. They have to do a job that nobody wants to do, and they don't get the recognition they deserve. All they get is a smear campaign,...

      Read more
        1 day ago
  • A speeding offense resulting in a pit maneuver? On a stretch of road with no ready place to pull over? Ridiculous.

      3 days ago
  • The police officer is obviously in the wrong, but I'm not a fan of the obvious bias in this article. News articles should be neutral. I don't wanna hear your opinion on it.

      2 days ago
    • Yeah, it was editorialized to shit, so I changed much of it out. Sorry about that.

        2 days ago
    • Yeah. I hate how reporters think we want to hear their opinions. You’re called a reporter because you’re reporting. Not opinionated.

        12 hours ago
  • People buy SUVs and trucks because they’re “safer” look how easily they roll though

      2 days ago
    • Very good point

        2 days ago
    • nobody that even just bothers to google this FB fact buys trucks because they are safer...until 2000 they were exempt from most safety regulations that governed cars! Even today they score extremely poorly in crash tests.

        18 hours ago
  • Only in America.... the police force better come up with something of a PR miracle, because all the news are of cops making wrong calls. I believe they’re the minority - or Inwant to believe:.. but those behind these situations are tarnishing the entire force.

      2 days ago
    • I can tell you for a fact, its an extremely small minority. Unfortunately, the media only likes to show that minority, and not the majority of good that police do every day.

        2 days ago
    • Yeah, most cops are helpful. But shock journalism is where the $$$ is

        1 day ago