Preparing for winter

Having had to 'tidy' the garage the other day to make room for the beast (by tidy, I mean move everything to the side or back...) I found myself considering whether to drive the RX8 full time or to 'borrow' the wife's Shogun (The Panzer) for the winter and leave the RX8 dormant for a few months until the temperatures creep up.

It was driving the Panzer to work this morning when I realised that I don't have the restraint to do such a thing. The RX8 is a fun drive, no doubt, but it's the creature comforts of a more modern vehicle that I miss (modern, or just working...?). Long story short, the Shogun's heater matrix needs flushing... So after a 45 minute drive to work which resulted in cold air still coming from the vents, I wanted to be back in the inefficient - but more importantly warm - RX8.

Tyres are always a touchy subject, but in the cold running summer tyres can be an uber-challenge... The tyres on the RX8 are 255/35R19 Federal 595-Evos. A great tyre in the dry and also in the damp, but not so in the cold. They take a while to warm up and the roundabout just outside my house has caught me unaware when in a hurry over the past couple of days. Thankfully no heroics or Mustang-at-a-car-meet moments, although a slightly perplexed pedestrian staring at me as I accidentally unleash my inner Ken Block with a rather panicked look on my face.

I'm off to grab some lunch in the ice box that is The Panzer, more updates to follow when I de-ice it for the journey home tonight I imagine... But I will have my shiny, de-keyed RX8 to gawp at when I get home!

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