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You've collected supplies, food and weapons. That's only good if you're hunkered down somewhere safe and secure. What if you need to travel, what can be done to your car to help protect it?

Modern cars are thin, lightweight and very fragile. In an attempt to save weight, cars aren't particularly suited for the apocalypse.

Core essentials required:

1. Ground clearance

You'll need a decent amount of ground clearance so that crushed zombie parts don't get caught up in your vehicle's underbelly. Good ground clearance will help you if you need to make an evasive manoeuvre off-road. All wheel drive would be a desirable option too.

2. Bolt-on protection

We've seen it in many zombie films and TV shows. Fetch some wooden pallets, corrugated metal and wire fencing to cover the windows and to strengthen the wafer thin door panels. Don't go crazy with this otherwise you'll add too much weight onto the car.

3. Build a ram

Not only will this help move abandoned cars and obstructions out of the way, it will also work wonders on the un-dead. The ram could add considerable weight to your vehicle making you slow and more vulnerable to attack.

4. Wheel spikes

Inspired by Boucida, the Queen of the Celtic Iceni Tribe that let a rebellion against the Roman Empire, wheel mounted blades are a very effective tool against humans and zombies alike. After all, a legless zombie is much easier to get away from!

5. Weaponry

An old photo from my Navy days

An old photo from my Navy days

Nothing says 'survival' like a roof mounted General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). The GPMG is the standard issue light machine gun of the British Armed Forces and many other NATO countries. You'll need to a cut a large roof access to ensure you have plenty of 'operating' space. This weapon is portable, reliable and accurate.

Inside the car, you'll need handheld firearms and an offensive weapon or two such as bats, knives and pretty much anything that can turn a zombies brain into a pink jelly-like substance. Have these items nearby just in case the zombies manage to get in.

6. Supplies

Stock up on supplies and make space in the car to store provisions and ensure everything is secured neatly so that it doesn't obstruct your escape.

The completed package

Probably the most badass Hyundai Elantra Coupe you'll ever see. This vehicle has pretty much everything you need to protect yourself from the impending doom.

You're welcome.

The alternative:


The easier option. Have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.



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