Prepping for war Shelby(GT-350R)

2y ago


Mother Nature is at war with your car. Between environmental fallout, bird droppings, tree sap, insect chitin, acid rain, stone chips, random road debris, sand, and dust – the road can be a battlefield for your vehicle. These factors may seem like unavoidable intrusions into our everyday lives leaving us with no choice but wanting to seal our cars away in hermetically controlled chambers in order to keep the pristine condition. But that’s kind of missing the point, isn’t it? Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coatings aim to reduce the effects of these variables that have the potential to adversely impact the vehicle’s aesthetics or worse yet, cause damage to the point of needing body shop level repair. At Glas-Werks Detailing, our goal is to provide peace of mind and superior protection for your investment so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

At Glas-Werks Detailing we have a special way of approaching projects. Levels of protection available for your car varying in their ability to protect your vehicle, time needed to complete the projected steps & associated cost of aforementioned protection. Before proceeding with any project whether it be a 40+hour paint correction on a classic Ferrari or new car prep on a brand new daily driven Porsche SUV we cater the protection and scope of work to each individual vehicles purpose, operational climate and desired length of protection. Example: new Ford Shelby GT-350(R) This vehicle is an occasional use only car not a daily driver. Even under 100K dollars this is considered a collectable car with a prospective manufacture run of less than 50 for the year combined with exotic pieces of kit (carbon fiber wheels) (hand built engine) will make this one of the most desirable special edition American sports cars ever made. Likely these will retain their value quite well over time. taking these things into account a few ideas come to mind.

We remove all badges and vents/grills to ensure we can properly correct and polish out the paint work. Additionally this makes doing our custom installation of Suntek PPF-C Paint protection film easier as well.

Full paint correction & polishing. (Surface refining). Even though this car has only 600 miles on it factory finishing marks, love marks from shipping and rough handling as well as damage from improper washing during it's stay at the dealership all attribute to a less than desirable finish upon delivery. We will perfect the finish prior to any additional steps.

After we have removed everything we could (badges/grills) and completed paint correction we moved into PPF (clear bra) having our own software and plotter in house allows us to create custom patterns and templates to cover more area and get around corners and edges in a manner that a generic kit never could. For This project we decided to do the entire front end, Roof, Rear wing, Rocker panels & inner door areas. We also utilized Matte PPF (Suntek PPF-M) over the stripes to maintain thier factory satin finish.

The Custom PPF-C and PPF-M install continued over the roof, wing, rear stripes + rocker panels once all was completed and sealed down the wheels were removed and decontaminated. Then given a polish and finally coated.

With Wheels back on the car we started laying down the good stuff. Gyeon MOHS+ over the entire car including the parts covered in PPF (Clear Bra) This ceramic coating is only available to Authorized Gyeon Detailers and is some of the most durable, longest lasting, most hydrophobic ceramic coating available. Expected lifespan : 5 Year warranty. More information on this coating as well as the other Gyeon offerings can be found here.

Once the Car was finished baking we followed up with an application of Gyeon View to the front glass as well as Gyeon Trim on all exterior plastic body pieces and grills

After 7 long days it was finally ready to be released into the world to go do mustang things.

Such a mean car. Years of protection and reduced maintenance for the owner.

Those rear hips...Ughhhhhh

Stalking Snake.

We love this Spec.

Closing shot.....We can't get enough of these wheels!!!!

We hope you found this informative and possibly even educational as a peek inside the world of Glas-Werks. There's a right way to do something and then there's all the other ways. Don't settle. Never compromise. Pursue Perfection.

Adrian S Mallory (Glas-Werks Owner & Lead Artist)

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