Corno di Rosazzo (UD- ITALY), December 3, 2016

      The presentation of the second edition of the Rain Forest Challenge Global Series South Europe, a race geared not only on the skills of the crews and the vehicle, but also on collaboration and the correctness of the individual crews, reiterating the concept already expressed in the last edition "will emerge who will win not only with the foot, but also with the head", was held at the Farm Cadibon of Corno di Rosazzo (UD- ITALY)
      (Http://, in the heart of the eastern hills of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, (Italy), land of fine wine-making.
      The meeting is no accident early, but to make sure that all the staff can to program themselves for the three days dedicated to the event and to give to the Media a first news of 2017 edition. For more technical details other meetings will be organized later.
      The date of the event has been confirmed on May 26, 27 and 28, 2017.
      Friday will be dedicated to the reception of the crews and the scrutineering, after a brief prologue at night, that will determine the starting grid of the Saturday. New location for this test on Friday which will be held fully on natural ground, here, mud, tuist, technical difficulties and some surprise game prepared by the tireless Patrick Silvestri (President of the organizing committee), will enable the participants to test their vehicles and the spirit of team cooperation.
      No transfer on streets, but all the stages are concentrated in the area of ​​Corno di Rosazzo (UD- ITALY), from the farm of Cadibon to the nearby farm of Perusini (, where will be held the awards ceremony.
      The main day will be on Saturday, we will see the crews working on two different trails, one for each class, "prepared" or "Prototypes", to be covered in 4 times, from 9:00 to 16:00, including a test of timed admission; the trails will be reversed on Sunday, that will end within 14:00, maintaining the different features for each category.
      Developed in this way, in two different hillsides, each crew will deal exclusively with their own kind.
      The Regulation follows the format of last year and will be published shortly with the registration forms.
      This second edition will see a wider organizational committee, organizers Patrick, Paul and Furio, will be joined by two new figures, necessary for the smooth running of the event and to which we welcome: Rudi and Dino Orgnacco as a responsible of the marshalls and Romeo Manzan as technical verifier.
      Improvements in the program from the logistics and from the park closed.
      The entire event will be filmed by Damiano D'Ambrosio (4x4Mafia)
      We can say that the operating machine is ready for an exciting new edition of RFC Global Series South Europe, which will interests not only the Italian crews, but he already sees on the horizon lined up some interesting foreigners teams. Follow us in the next news, it will be a great motorsport extreme event!

      Patrick Silvestri, creator and director of the event, +393472290065
      Paolo Paoletti, Organization and Coordination, +383928877886
      Furio Lipstick, Organization and Public Relations, +39335332569

      For information and registration:
      Official website Reference:
      Facebook group: FLS 4x4
      Event on facebook

      Press Office RFC G.S.South Europe
      Gianna Vardanega (

      THE ITALIAN JOB COMING IN MAY!! RFC South Europe (Italy) Welcomes 2017 with their promo in Dec for the 2nd edition (26-28 May in Friuli Venezia Giulia tourism region) in North-East Italy + a special preparation for the coming “The 1997-2017 Edition” of mother event RFC (dec). “The Italian Job” for both these preparations is assigned to RFC Rep: FLS4x4 ( with the Press Office RFCGS South Europe: Gianna Vardanega ( +393289779064. Filmed by our RFCIO : Damiano D'Ambrosio ( Supported by Europe’s premier off-road accessories/equipments company: euro4x4parts ( RFC South Europe 2017 is open to race teams in two classes (1) Medium / “Preparati” (upgraded/modified 4x4) & Hard / "Prototipi" (proto-types/tubular). All Special Stages (SS) will be held in the vicinity Corno di Rosazzo (UD- ITALY) @ Azienda Agricola Feresin / Cadibon & Perusini. RFC Global Series “è il legame mondiale all'evento madre in Malesia, paragonabile al campionato di Formula 1.” & the Italian circuit is managed by our C in C (Patrick Silvestri, creatore e direttore dell'evento, +3934722900650, Chief of Staff (Paolo Paoletti, Organizzazione e Coordinamento +383928877886) & Org PR (Furio Rossetto, Organizzazione e Pubbliche Relazioni, +383458130772). Patrick & Paolo are both “veterans” from the infamous RFC 2007 edition & making preparation in hardware & mindset to face the monsoon all over again from 25 Nov – 5 Dec in RFC Grand Final 2017 in Malaysia. Pix select of presentation at Corno di Rosazzo & Patrick/Paolo to “face-off” again in the Monsoon War this Dec.! #RFCGlobalSeries #RainforestChallenge #RFC. ( written by Luis Wee )

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