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Price Hike Alert: Kia Seltos

As per a notice circulated to dealers, the bump in price will be “substantial”.

Start by taking a breather as prices for the Seltos haven’t inflated yet. That will happen on January 1, 2020. By how much? Well, Kia Motors India hasn’t officially revealed a quantifiable figure but, as per a notice circulated to dealers, the increase will be “substantial”. The reason? When the SUV went on sale in August this year, it came with an introductory price list. That price list will stay in effect until December 31, 2019. So, does that mean you can delay the process of booking for a while?

If you have zeroed-in on the Seltos, then you definitely should not. The circular also read, in Bold, “the price increase shall be applicable on all undelivered customer bookings existing as on December 31, 2019.” In other words, if you book any Seltos variant now and it remains undelivered until the end of the year, you would have to shell out some extra money as per the upcoming price hike. And before you wonder, Kia will hike prices of all variants of the Seltos.

There are specific variants of the SUV which demand months of waiting periods. It will be especially frustrating for those customers who opted for one of those. To ensure that doesn’t happen to prospect customers, Kia Motors India has urged dealers to pitch variants with low waiting periods. Apart from that, the company wants its retail network to deliver allotted vehicles for November and December on the first-in, first-out basis to avoid dissatisfaction.

Finally, all of the information mentioned above wasn’t supposed to leak. But it did like everything does these days! With the Seltos, Kia has had a dream start to its Indian innings. In October, it registered a sale of 12,850 units across India. That number not only made the Seltos the best-selling SUV in the country but also helped Kia Motor India to leapfrog carmakers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen in terms of monthly sales figures. Presently, the Seltos is the only SUV in its segment to come with BS6-compliant powertrains.

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Comments (3)

  • An amazing success.

      7 months ago
    • And it’s better than the MG Hector

        7 months ago
    • We test drove it and found it underpowered

      Engine is more refined but not that exciting.

        7 months ago