Pride and Joy - Frank and his Porsche 'Edith'

1y ago


Rarely has a car had such an impact on me. In early September I was spending the morning at a Cars and Coffee in West London where stunning and attention grabbing cars are not a rarity.

There was one car that I was locked into despite being surrounded by a Ferrari FXX K and velvet covered Porsche 911. That car belonged to Frank Cassidy and it was his Porsche 911 RSR Hot-Rod called 'Edith.' Even in a stationary position the RSR had grabbed me by the collar, but it wasn't until after she was started up that I began to fall in love.

Image courtesy of @blackbettyandco

After hearing the 3.5-litre flat six clear its throat, I knew I had to meet the owner and get more acquainted with the stand-out car from the show.

Luckily for me, Frank Cassidy is as cool as his car and invited myself and a camera crew down to see his quite spectacular Porsche collection near Bicester.

So, very early on a murky November day, I set off, eager to be reacquainted with the car that is more of a stimulant than any morning coffee.

As we got closer to Frank's house having left the hustle and bustle of central London, the roads became less claustrophobic and started to provide lots of opportunities to stretch a car with 350bhp's legs. The anticipation started to grow.

When we arrived at the house, we were told that Frank was waiting for us in the barn and even though I knew the cars that Frank had in his collection, nothing could prepare me for witnessing a V-formation of Germany's finest.

As the camera crew prepared for the shoot, I had a chance to chat to Frank. Within seconds of speaking with him you can tell he is a Porsche fanatic. He knew every car inside out. As he talked me through his collection, the details and setup of each car was important to Frank, but the story and journey of each car seemed to play the most important role.

After much anticipation and an on-screen interview, it was time to get the ferocious 911 RSR Hot-Rod on the road to see what Edith was really all about. I wasn’t disappointed.

In pretty treacherous weather conditions, a car with the brutality of Edith might not be the best choice, but in Frank’s hands, it made perfect sense.

As the power transferred to the road, the lack of grip was counteracted by wide rear tyres and the experienced hands of a loving owner. Frank’s passion for these machines means that they are used as they were intended. They haven’t been locked up and used for that special occasion. He finds excuses to take them all out on a regular basis.

The reason behind the name Edith is an extremely apt one. She is named after the femme fatale, Edie Sedgwick. Edie was an 'it girl' from the '60s who lived life on the edge and lured in iconic artists such as Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. If you weren't careful with her, she might just end up killing you. Well, Edith had certainly lured Frank in and continues to lure anyone within a 2-mile radius with the raucous siren song of that engine.

The first episode of 'Pride and Joy,' a new video series for DriveTribe, features Frank and his 911 RSR Hot-Rod and you can watch it in its entirety below:

To follow Frank on Instagram, which I highly recommend, you can find a link here: www.instagram.com/blackbettyandco/

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