Prince Charles reveals he runs his Aston Martin on cheese and wine

It looks like someone survived the panic petrol buying without any worry

1w ago

Recently in Britain, we have experienced what the media is calling a fuel shortage. This isn't because there was initially a shortage of fuel, but of drivers delivering the stuff. However, many bogans decided it was a good idea to panic-buy fuel, leaving the UK with very little.

However, one man who wasn't affected by this was Prince Charles because he runs his Aston Martin DB6 on “surplus English white wine and whey from the cheese process”.

It is no secret that the Prince of Wales is a fan of saving the environment, so the best way for him to do that and still drive his Aston, is to use biproduct from stuff he eats – such as cheese and wine. The process takes quite a long time, but we're sure he has people to sort it out for him, you know, being the Prince and all.

In this BBC interview, Charles said that world leaders gathering at the Cop26 summit should take ambitious action on the climate crisis rather than “just talk”, and take notice of how despairing many young people are about the issue.

It's good to see someone taking the initiative to try and make this planet a better place – especially someone in his position.

Would you run your 50-year-old Aston Martin on cheese and wine?

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Comments (38)

  • Meanwhile Jeremy's tractor is fuelled by the byproduct of his own genius

      13 days ago
  • In other news it has been determined that most Aston Martin owners also run exclusively on cheese and wine :)

      12 days ago
  • At least he hasn’t converted it to an EV, and he should be commended for that.

      12 days ago
  • I bet it has a funny smell as it drives past

      12 days ago
  • It must be nice to have a huge disposable budget I mean burden on the taxpayers.

      12 days ago