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Prince Phillip's Land Rover hearse has been unveiled

The converted Defender will carry him to his final resting place on April 17

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The late Prince Phillip was very much into his cars. He was a particularly big fan of Land Rovers; he drove them all throughout his adult life and granted a Royal Warrant to Land Rover over 40 years ago. It only seems appropriate then that the car that would take him for his last ride would be a Land Rover. That particular Land Rover, a bespoke project designed in accordance with the departed Prince's wishes, has now been revealed to the public.

The hearse, a project that was started 18 years ago, is based on a Land Rover Defender TD 130 chassis that was extensively modified to be able to carry Phillip's coffin. The open-topped rear section was custom-made for the vehicle and carried out to Phillip's specifications. In a big nod to the late Prince's extensive military background (he served in the Royal Navy during World War II), the Land Rover is painted in a dark green colour used for many military Land Rovers.

Image: Reuters

Image: Reuters

Prime Minister Boris Johnson remarked in Parliament earlier this week that it seemed fitting that Prince Phillip would want to be taken to his final resting place on a Land Rover. "That vehicle's unique and idiosyncratic silhouette reminds the world that he was above all a practical man, who could take something very traditional – whether a machine or indeed a great national institution – and find a way by his own ingenuity to improve it, to adapt it for the 20th or the 21st century."

Prince Phillip's funeral will be broadcast on Saturday April 17 from 12:30-16:20 and 20:10-21:10 UK time on BBC One. It'll also be broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC World Service English, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Ulster from 14:00-16:10. It will be a ceremonial funeral, in accordance with the Prince's wishes, and have a limited number of guests due to COVID-19 restrictions. The mourners will include his grandson Prince Harry, who has flown over from the US to attend, and three of Prince Phillip's German relatives.

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  • There’s a bit of an elephant in the room James.... it’s a HEARSE 😊

    Out of context maybe but I can’t help but hear Jezza shouting it. R.I.P. Prince Philip

      25 days ago
  • In the interests of security, the coffin will be tied down with two lengths of rope using 'Truckies' hitches. The attendant will ceremonially give both a twang, slap the coffin and say, "That's not going anywhere," before driving off.

      25 days ago
  • There are two identical ones just in case the first one breaks down

      25 days ago
  • That is the best herse I have seen. I rate his choice a 10/10

      25 days ago
  • I love it. Excellent way to honor him in his own unique way. What a great man.

      25 days ago