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Prior Design have "fixed" the G80 BMW!

After the worlds, well, "mixed" approach to the new generation BMW 3 and 4 series, aftermarket designer Prior design have came up with a solution

51w ago

Before getting into this article I'd like to say one thing. I'm NOT a BMW guy. I like their cars however i know very little about them nevertheless, i know what i like and what i don't like- and i like this! I personally loved the old F80 series M3 and M4 with the 3 series version carrying some real muscular looks on those broad shoulders and the 4 series doing this in an even more elegant, sweeping body style. So much so, a gold M4 competition would probably be my perfect BMW. When the new G-body series was first unveiled, i must admit i was part of the heard in saying i didn't like it however i didn't really see what all the fuss was about. Funnily enough, as with the A90 Supra, people have soon came round to the idea of change and, the M3 in particular, is receiving very positive reviews now that people can see the car beyond "face" value- see what i did there?

Various renders and photo shops have appeared online recently showing the new model cars at various degrees of modification, namely sat on the deck with some aftermarket wheels on and i think they look bloody brilliant. Back in the real world, the first pictures of customer M3's are popping up around Europe and once in the real world look so much better than in a press vault. The M3 is showing itself to be a customer favorite but the M4 seems to be becoming a bit of an ugly duckling. I must say i agree that the vertical kidney grills don't seem to suit the coupe bodylines as well as the 4 door however all of those views changed for me upon seeing the new M4 renders from Prior Design.

I first came across these renders on Bimmerpost and they caught my eye straight away. some may say that I'm just scared of change, however i think these designs complement the M4 lines much better. As can be seen, the kidneys are turned back horizontal and if anything made smaller with the focus being on expanding the lower bumper portion and grills to give the car the aggression it needs. My favorite of the renders is featured at the top of the article with the biggest kidneys of them all and a pretty even yet aggressive styling across the bumper. Personally i hope these designs turn from dream to reality and when an M4 is finally seen with these bumpers with some quality fitment and wheels, the car will finally get the recognition it deserves.

"new model cars at various degrees of modification, namely sat on the deck with some aftermarket wheels on and i think they look bloody brilliant."

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