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Prior Design made a wide Dacia

We all know some people here are really going to like that!

3w ago

No, this is not a joke or a concept this is a real body kit for the Dacia Duster. The question is, do we need this? No, we don’t need this but we are happy Prior design made one!

The Germans thought that the Dacia wasn’t cool enough so they made it a little bit wider and gave it an aggressive splitter at the front. there's also an optional spoiler. You probably ask how can I buy it for my Dacia? and there’s a simple answer for it, yes you can! The body kit with the splitters cost €2999 and for an extra €299, you get a spoiler for it too.

If you buy this body kit for your Dacia you can officially say you have the second coolest Dacia, the Nürnburgring Dacia is unbeatable! Let’s hope we can see one of those cool body kit dusters on the road!

interest in buying one here’s a link👇

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