P​risoner escapes police custody after getting two women to ram police car

2​8 year-old Kane Quinn was able to escape police custody by getting two women to ram a police car.

8w ago

Recently, drivers on an Australian road were left shocked after witnessing what was an escape from police custody.

2​8-year-old prisoner Kane Quinn was being transported in a Toyota Camry corrective services vehicle until a Jeep Wrangler rammed the car multiple times until Kane was able to escape.

T​he driver of the Jeep was 28-year-old Lily Rosemary Walto who later torched the car and left it to be found by police in a nearby suburb. Later that same evening, Kane, Lily and another women were all found by police at a house in Canberra.

L​ily was charged with assaulting frontline staff, car theft, dangerous driving, and property damage. Meanwhile, Quinn was charged with escaping custody.

T​hankfully, nobody was injured in the incident.

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