Prius rap song is the best and worst thing on YouTube right now

6d ago


Music and motoring have gone hand-in-hand since us humans first admitted our overwhelming adoration of our four-wheeled friends.

Some of the most iconic tunes ever have been about motoring and the automotive world.

So maybe it was about time one of the most divisive cars in history was honoured in its own musical way.

The Samosa lads on YouTube clearly felt the same way, and have come up with a hip-hop-cringe-filled parody of the hybrid we all love to hate.

I'm not going to say these guys are lyrical genius's, but I think they've done a good job in giving us a little laugh about the Prius.

They pay homage to the cars supposed eco-friendly nature of the car, as well as its average sized boot giving enough room "for all of [your] groceries."

Despite verging on a school project these guys clearly had a good time and put a lot of effort into making this, and props to them for picking a car much forgotten by the public.

Let's be honest, we maybe didn't need this song and it's continual comparisons between car ownership and male body parts, but here's three minutes of music you probably never thought you'd hear...

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