- My photograph published by Al Fursan lead pilot on his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Be7rRC1Fpxb/?igshid=1a0yf3x7wb4zt

Private air show

8w ago


In 2018 I was invited by Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi to visit, view, and photograph the Abu Dhabi leg of the Red Bull air race from the mall.

Now when I went there, I was in for a surprise. The mall has a tower very much like an air traffic control tower. However, this was a restaurant before and was now closed for renovation. They asked if I would be okay to photograph the race from the ledge OUTSIDE the tower!

Frankly speaking, I was excited. The mall security put me into a harness and securely tied me up and said now go do your thing. So now I am maybe few hundred feet above the ground on a ledge witnessing an aircraft race.

However, I was a bit disappointed because even though I had a view to die for and a clear line of sight to the entire race, it was quite far away to do any quality photography. Even my giant 100-400mm lens.

A bit disappointed, I decided to see the entire race. It was good that I waited.

Somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon at my eye level showed up seven jet planes from the UAE national aerobatic team, and they performed all their maneuvers right in front of me. I could not believe that I am so high up that jet planes are flying at my eye level!

Look at the photographs and imagine the sound and imagine me standing out on the ledge!