Probable sandstorm in Bahrain

The first Formula 1 race of 2021 could be disturbed by a rapid drop in temperatures.

6w ago

During the winter tests held a few weeks ago at the Manama circuit, the Formula 1 teams had a collective problem. In fact, on 12 March a sandstorm broke out which made it very difficult for the riders to carry out test laps.

This eventuality could happen again this Sunday, right during the first race of the 2021 season. A drastic drop in temperatures could generate a strong wind that would flood the circuit with sand.

If these weather conditions were to occur, cars with greater synergy with low temperatures would be facilitated, such as the Ferrari SF21 for example. On Friday and Saturday, however, high temperatures and clear skies are expected.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola for the cooepration

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