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..And yes, it's a height thing. Honda lent us a new Africa Twin. I think this one is better suited to James, and not because it's slow...

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  • To be honest...they were unfair :) Seat is in UP position. AND HONDA offers a lower version to :) Poor Richard...if u got such friends, You don't need enemies :P

      4 years ago
  • it suites James more because you are short. right??

      3 years ago
  • Here, solved your height/parking problem. This handy arrangement brings my XR650l's 38" seat height down to just 12" without having to change out the seat.

    I had a chance to sit on the Africa Twin at a dealership recently, fit me great stock, actually thought it was smaller and lighter than I expected based on the reviews...but I'm 6'5" so that might have helped :)

      4 years ago
  • Who is that girl on the right?

      4 years ago
  • Richard, try a BMW GS1150... and be afraid..very afraid.

      4 years ago