Production starts today!

Hello friends! This is WatermelonJuice from WJ Motors and as you might know, the Orbitos Motor Show has been postponed a week or so,(I don't quite know, ask @Nicholas Clayden), so I've decided to reveal my first three production cars on the concept cars I will show in the Motor Show. I've done this because I'm excited to show these cars and also that we need to speed up production so we get a profit. Also, I shall be showing the website soon when I've finished the basic things, please give suggestions for improvement! We also have different colours for our cars, you can choose! The first to fourth photos are colours for the Hellraiser, the fifth to eighth are some colours of the Polaris, and the last three are a small amount of colours for the Landprowler, I will be releasing more colour pictures of these cars, so you should get tuned in. Thanks!

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