Professional and enthusiast motorsports content go head to head in new alliance

Nearly two years to the day - next month in fact - DriveTribe officially opened its doors to enthusiasts, influencers, amateur journalists, professional writers and every other hue of autotainment seeker. In that time, we’ve played host to a diverse and constantly inspiring range of content.

Two things have, in particular, captured our attention. Firstly, just how international our readers and contributors are – they cover every corner of the globe.

Secondly, how DriveTribe provides a forum for professional journalists, aspiring writers and everyday contributors to come together to share their work and opinion. It’s the interplay between enthusiasts and professional contributors that can make DriveTribe such a vibrant space; melding breaking news and everyday global perspectives.

Yesterday saw one such example come to life, when we announced a new working partnership with one of the world’s most respected motorsports media publishers, US-based RACER Media Inc, publishers of RACER magazine and

Those familiar with the Motorsports section on our site may have seen the steady flow of articles and videos from the RACER team – they first started publishing on our site back in December 2016, posting ringside interviews and behind the scenes perspectives on the latest breaking news. Video and cockpit film footage in particular, seems to be a staple speciality.

Our new partnership will see a RACER continue to publish content as we collectively look to extend coverage and community involvement across an ever-increasing motorsports arena. So, whether your fix is grass roots karting and drifting or established sports like F1 and NASCAR, you’ll find a new place to engage with enthusiasts and the very latest breaking news from professional writers.

From a commercial perspective, both RACER and DriveTRibe will work together to provide new ways to integrate the biggest names and brands into the community. We will actively reach out to all manufacturers and suppliers to bring the inside track on their involvement in the world of Motorsports.

Jonathan Morris, CEO of DriveTribe, commenting on the partnership said, "of all motoring subjects, Motorsports is arguably one of the most tribal and community oriented. The combination of RACER and DriveTribe opens up the opportunity to be at the heart of debate between brands, media commentators and enthusiasts at large".

Paul Pfanner, Founder and CEO of RACER Media & Marketing Inc added, “We are excited to align with DriveTribe in a way that will extend the reach of our advertisers and partners to a new, global audience of enthusiastic and engaged automotive fanatics. We will be spreading our industry-leading content among this group that will potentially expose motorsports to new audience segments while also appealing to those already-knowledgeable members that are looking for more authoritative and insightful content.”

Join the motorsports debate

We hope you’ll enjoy the blend of community conversation, inside-track interviews and breaking news. We also hope that motorsports fans and writers alike will feel more inspired to get involved, knowing that their opinions and passions will reach both a professional and amateur enthusiast ear.

RACER's Tribe on DriveTribe can be found by searching Racer Magazine on this site. Alternatively you can also find it within the main navigation on

To see an article from Paul Pfanner, founder and President of RACER Media Inc, see the story link below

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