Project 100HP

      The process of modernising my own car.

      1y ago


      Inspired by the ownership of my personal Fiat Panda 169 100Hp. Up until now, the majority of my automotive portfolio has focused on coupes and supercars, so working off the Panda II's proportion aided in understanding more unconventional packages.

      One thing the original 100Hp achieved was character. Ultra-firm suspension, pokey engine, compact dimensions, fat tyres, and cheeky add-ons which all help create its "cute-aggression". This was essential to carry over into the redesign and effectively communicate through its appearance.

      I believe the 100Hp's exterior design is unique & quirky, however, taking a standard Panda II and converting it into a "lukewarm" hatch meant that the more ordinary underpinnings were still prevalent. The blend between city car and sports car created some awkward areas of the exterior, which posed an interesting design challenge. "What if Fiat made a dedicated design to modernise the 100Hp?" A baby hot hatch sitting below the 595 Abarths, with a distinct look of its own. Namely, crisp surfaces, boxy proportions and solid forms as a contrast to its more powerful/rounded sibling.

      Ultra-firm suspension, pokey engine, compact dimensions, fat tyres, and cheeky add-ons which all help create its "cute-aggression".


      Starting out, I created some design boards. These help to set the tone for the project. The theme, styles and inspirational visuals that formed the basis of the project. Also keeping a set demographic in mind, namely performance oriented consumers between the age of 25 and 32.


      In order to create a recognisable design to the original car, I analysed the styling of the original Panda II 100hp, picking out what styling elements should be carried through in my design, and what could be perceived as outdated.


      I remember watching a video on the current gen Porsche Cayenne as it was launched, where the designer being interviewed emphasised how important proportion is in car design. Keeping this in mind, I made sure my designs had similar overhangs, roof heights and wheelbases. All in the attempt of creating a recognisable Panda design.


      Understanding that FCA already has an established line up of 595 Abarths, this is not a market I'd propose my theoretical design to enter. Rather, a market below, the "lukewarm" compact hatch market current filled by Up! GTIs and Twingo GTs. In fact, I believe the Up! GTI is the spiritual successor to the 100Hp, with very similar dimensions, performance and character.


      This collage sees my design process, from the very beginning to the final package I had decided on. The main ideas that carried through were the forward tilting tailgate, the arrow shaped side window profile, and a more sculpted and aggressive body.


      Using a variety of mediums, from Copic markers, to ballpoint pens, to on-screen tablet sketching.


      Helping to bring outline sketches to life, this first render saw giant fog lights, and overly sculpted side profile and a heavy A-C Pillar.

      Wheels were 3D modelled, and details on the body became more refined, specifically the bonnet and window surrounds.

      More of a technical render, focussing on specific proportions of the side profile.

      Focussing on rear details such as taillights, rear glass, spoiler and diffuser.

      Further refinement to the rear end featuring a simplified diffuser section and rear bumper, not to mention idiotic blue tyres.


      Placing the two side profiles next two each other helps to see the evolution of the design. The key styling lines are highlighted, showing the "leaning forward" movement my modernised 100hp has.

      Let me know what you think of my modernised 100Hp in the comments!


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      Comments (5)

      • I really love the back of the car, who knows if FCA takes this idea.

          1 year ago
      • Great sketches!

          1 year ago
      • Looks nice, but the hockey stick treatment on the door wouldn't make it to a production car, Dodge would sue for copying the Charger style lines.

          1 year ago
      • This is an incredible amount of work you did, Matt! I keep on being impressed by your creativity. However, why did you decide to convert Panda into a tree-door car, instead of a "classical" five-door layout?

          1 year ago
        • Especially the mounting point of the back doors. If it's gonna be a conversion I see a very hard work to still have enough torsional rigidity.

            1 year ago


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