Report of an interesting project for a Moto2 based on Honda engine

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Some time ago I was chatting with my colleague Pietro Di Spaldro, director of the blog Throttle Addicted and university student in mechanical engineering at Bari, and on that occasion he spoke to me about his interesting project for the construction of a competition motorcycle suitable for racing in the Moto2 championship which I will now illustrate the characteristics of through its story.


"The project was originally based on an experimental Moto2 born in late spring 2016 when vehicles powered by Honda 600 engines were used in the championship.

The development starts in spare time because of my many commitments, runs through the summer and arrives in September 2016. At that time my idea of ​​motion was to create something that winked at the mid-90s superbike, but with the equipment and technology of a Moto2.

In addition, I had thought of many pieces made from existing motorcycles, such as the rear axle taken from a Honda CBR600RR.

In September, with the resumption of courses, I have a lot of free time and so I venture into the search for more daring solutions and a set that also incorporates the best means of MotoGP, namely the RC213V.

However, the planning proceeds at full speed during the winter, until the tragic news arrives (at least for me) that the Dorna has changed the regulation establishing that the Honda engines will be replaced by the 3 cylinder Triumph.

The perjurers were wasted at that moment, months of useless work because they decided to change supplier and the project is temporarily abandoned.

Time passes, months go by, 2 years go by, I change 2 computers (both burned because I was squeezing them in the planning) and I arrive in autumn 2019.

Since I happened to find those files by chance, I decided to take back the reins of that project, but freely modifying it giving free rein to my creativity, having no more rules to follow.

And we are here, with this single-sided swingarm at the front, with an idea of ​​pushrod suspension at the rear, lots of carbon and the lines that practically echo those of the NSR500 of the Doohan times, with the lower part of the fairing cut, like the endurance than 35 years ago.

In practice it is a meltin'pot of motorcycle icons of the times that were with an important technological influence of the present day.

This bike, in all probability, will not take part in any championship (for the moment), but it is simply a way to vent all my creativity on a nice project.

For the future, I do not deny using a 2-stroke engine taken from a snowmobile or RG500 Gamma for its construction.

Although the Honda engine is the classic "Little expense, a lot of yield" solution, since it would have values ​​even higher than the 2-stroke engines, it has the advantage of avoiding the well-known trouble of the mixture engines.

In the photo you can see a livery that winks at the Marlboros Yamaha of the times of Rainey, with a reference to the Yamaha Endurance liveries in which there was the white-red-black tricolor.

I know it is pure blasphemy to recreate a Yamaha graphic scheme on Honda superstructures mounted on a motorcycle with the Honda heart, but the aesthetic result is not indifferent.

The hope is to finish the planning for 2020, while production should start in the second half of 2021 (if I find the funds to build at least one).

This bike will also take advantage of the best of a mechanical engineering graduate who aims at the technological curriculum, therefore at a high level experience in the field of tooling with numerical control machines. "


The project looks very ambitious and it would be nice to see a working model sooner or later, but what do you think?

Thanks to Pietro Di Spaldro for the interview, take a look at his blog

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